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Monthly Subscription Plan

We are so excited to announce our new monthly subscription plan! For only $15 a month you will receive new full size scented candle every month.

You will be billed same date every month from the start date of subscription.

Candles will be shipped on the 15th of every month if you start your plan after the 15th of the month you will receive your product the next month.

For example, if you start your plan on January 20th, you will receive your product on February 20th and continue to receive them until March 20th (if you don't cancel).

If you need to cancel your subscription? Cancel prior to next billing cycle. Refund will not be offered if subscription is canceled after next billing cycle.

There are no refunds or returns if you cancel your monthly subscription after it has been processed by our company!

Interested in the candle you received and want to purchase? Perks with this plan includes 10% off any candle of choice and a refill of wax for that burned out candle for $10 Select the scent, ship your empty vessel back, expect it back with 3-7 days!

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