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Bank Robbery 720p

It was a nice , funny and interesting film, for those how have an eagle eye for beauty of life and a some humor too. Billy, the great bank robber is in fact the poor bank robber. He actually wants only to have a good and lovely life with his girl friend....It was one of the best films I have ever seen, it is a transposition of the reality in a nice story...I would like to see it again...There are many humorous things in the world: among them the white man's notion that he is less savage than the other savages." -- Mark Twain, Following the Equator People always HAVE eaten people; people always WILL eat people. You can't change human nature!" -- Flanders and Swann, The Reluctant Cannibal, At The Drop Of A Hat

Bank Robbery 720p


William Elliot aka Billy the Kid (Patrick Dempsey) is a romantic and decides to do one last bank robbery solo for girlfriend Selina (Olivia d'Abo). Security camera captures his picture and he's identified right away. The bank claims his take at $178k, but most of which the bankers are stealing themselves. Billy tries to hide in his Heartbreak Hotel room but his neighbors realize his identity. Everybody starts overcharging him for everything from pizza to drugs despite not ordering any of it. Priscilla (Lisa Bonet) is a friendly hooker. Officers Gross (Judge Reinhold) and Battle (Forest Whitaker) get high. TV reporter Marisa Benoit (Mariska Hargitay) shows up at Billy's door with her crew.I think writer/director Nick Mead wanted this to be a funny satire of a crime noir. None of it is funny. It also has no tension as a thriller. It looks cheap and badly made. The amazing thing is the number of solid actors in this movie. The writing is simply bad and the filming is amateurish. It's a rambling mess that adds up to nothing.

Cassie (Abbie Cobb) is a reluctant bank teller for her mother Joyce (Maeve Quinlan). Then 3 robbers come in. Cassie recognizes one of them as her best friend Abbie (Cassi Thomson), and she's taken hostage. She crashes the armor truck and injures her other friend Grace (Davida Williams). She helps them take care of Grace and finds out the real reason for the robbery. The other girl Marie (Augie Duke) is older and is doing it for the money with her boyfriend Nick (James Ferris). Meanwhile police agent Mendoza (Rosa Blasi) suspects that Cassie is actually in on the robbery.It's an ambitious bank heist story, and a passable Lifetime movie. The girls are perfectly likable. The dialog is a little clunky at times. It starts off slowly, but it gets better. However the ambitious plot goes over the edge with a lack of overall style and competent action directions. A big screen movie would push the action to the next level, but this just doesn't have the next gear.

Plot holes? Of course there are plot holes galore. You could drive TWO of those cash-carrying security armored trucks side by side through the unexplained gaps in this little flick's story- line. But I didn't buy it to experience the thrills of some superlatively- filmed teen bank robbery. No, I collect movies starring pretty girls, and I went from a 90210 guest star (Caitlin Thompson) to WALKING THE HALLS, and that DVD had this one's trailer, and I took one look, Just One Look, at this pretty squirrel fox who plays the female lead, and I thought "good golly jeepers that kid looks just like Jennie Garth!" which brought the circle back to BEVERLY HILLS 90210. Now, those were the heady days, I was so mesmerized by that one back then, And This, This Is Like Having Jennie Garth Re- Born! So, I am just sitting here, staring wistfully at this pretty actress, this wonderful beautiful young girl, and am I gonna complain about plot holes? Nope. Aw. The script takes on too much. Actually, I should say the story-line takes on too much. The creators thought about having pretty girls be the robbers, but they all (except one scapegoat) had to be innocent... and for a basically small project with limitations this causes immense stretching of belief. Cassi and her kidnapped by terrorists Dad. Too much. Way too much. I mean, my brain is turned to much by the beauty on-screen, but shucks, there are so many complications.Like, this junior bank official can sit there with freaking hot evidence and download a print-out unseen unquestioned? That kind of evidence, the FBI (or whoever) would have taken hold of immediately, as considerable cash is involved. Also, she rushes off, and later on, the police ask, where is she? D- uh, I mean, like, I am mesmerized by the blonde kid, but this TV movie really falters about within a few minutes.Notice the bloodless fatal gunshots.And Abbie is screwed big-time, as, like another reviewer has already pointed out, back home lies two (unexplained) dead bodies. So that little arrangement with Agent Mendoza is pointless. Like the movie.But complain? Man! Me? Gawd, if Abbie Cobb presented the bleeding weather forecast on telly, I'd damn well tune in.

Three girls rob a bank and take school mate Cassie (Abbie Cobb) as a hostage. The Redbox description tells you why which was a bigger spoiler than the opening scene which takes place 15 minutes into the film. Two of the girls Abbie (Cassi Thomson) and Grace (Davida Williams) are friends with Cassie while the third girl Marie (Augie Duke) supplies us with internal conflict.Cassie's mom Joyce (Maeve Quinlan) doesn't trust the FBI investigating the case and ventures out on her own to save her daughter. Maeve Quinlan is the perennial TV mom who reminded he way too much of the made for TV movie mom. Rosa Blasi plays the overly stiff FBI investigator armed with slo-mo swagger music and a set of 38s.The main actors were acceptable, but the support cast was simply bad. The made for TV script was bland heighten by moments of mock drama. A film for the younger generation.Parental Guide: No f-bombs, sex, or nudity.

Instead of passing through to Departure Lounge, the gang head out to the car park, pile into a van and head for Central London where they spectacularly ram raid London Exchange Bank, blocking any exit for those caught up inside. But with an unexpected turn of events, their plan is hampered from the start and they are left with a whole lot more than just a bank robbery to deal with. They have twenty hostages inside and the Police have laid siege to The Bank. There are two and a half hours before their plane leaves, and seventy million pounds in hard.

A cop and his expensive fiancée, a bank teller, plan the perfect bank robbery. All goes well until the FBI suspects, almost immediately, an inside job. Their plans to move the money out of the country, then just to cover their tracks, make them look more and more guilty.


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