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Buy Bathroom Mirror

Did you know that the average adult will spend 416 days in the bathroom in their lifetime? With all that time spent in just one room, its decor is essential. A lighted LED vanity mirror is the perfect way to bring a warm and welcoming feel to your bathroom.

buy bathroom mirror

In addition to having great function, they are also a way to add instant style to your bathroom decor. Lighted mirror fixtures give a warm, bright feel to your bathroom space. The ability to customize the style of your vanity mirror also means that they can complement any space, from traditional to modern design aesthetics.

Shopping for an LED mirror with lights is one of the fun parts of renovating or renewing your bathroom space. A frame type, light setting, or different shape can make all the difference in your feeling when you walk into your bathroom.

A framed vanity mirror can help it seamlessly blend in with the surroundings. If you have a natural theme in your bathroom decor, you may opt for a natural wood frame. If your bathroom space is compact, you can make an impact with a colorful framed vanity mirror.

A backlit vanity mirror is a subtle lighting choice that can include a recessed LED lighting strip surrounding the entire unit or just the sides. This option creates a gentle, ambient lighting effect, leaving the mirror to make the central design statement.

Another option for lighting your vanity mirror is to choose one with Inset lighting. This means that the LED bulbs or strips surround the sides or are inset in the front glass of the mirror. Like backlighting, this can give a softer feel and most newer LED vanity mirrors utilize this type of sleek, inset design.

The musical mirror has arrived. Bluetooth enabled vanity mirrors allow you to channel your favorite getting ready list without the need for an independent speaker. This provides an extra level of luxury and convenience while also doubling as a great space saver.

In any home, a mirror becomes an elegant element of the home dcor. Even though mirrors have been in use since ancient times, they have undergone massive evolutions to reflect the contemporary designs and enhancements in present dwelling spaces. At Pepperfry, you can choose from a wide range of mirrors to suit your requirement and the decor of your interiors.

Purchasing a new mirror is a vital decision that impacts how you decorate your interiors. Since it is not something you will buy frequently, it is best to consider some essential factors before selecting an ideal mirror design.

You can choose between metal, wooden, brass and similar materials for your mirror, depending on the type of finish you desire to see on the walls of your room. Do not forget to consider the additional elements in your interior dcor while selecting the material of your mirror.

If you are a stern believer in the principles of Vastu Shastra, you would know that there are many rules concerning the placement of a mirror. Wall mirrors should be placed so that they do not face the bed and must be covered with a cloth if kept inside a bedroom. One should make the selection of a mirror according to these tips.

Available in various sizes, wall mirrors can be simply placed on any wall. From enjoying its functional use to ornamental use in home decor, wall mirrors are an ideal choice among the different types of mirrors. They can be included in your bedroom, living room or dressing room as part of your vanity and dresser or be placed anywhere else in your home simply for their decorative and aesthetic function. You can decorate your entryway or dress up a mantel in your home with a wall mirror. A wall mirror can also be used as a washbasin mirror in your bathroom or washing area. Be it stylish mirrors for your home styling or bathroom mirrors for elevating the interiors of your place of daily rituals, find all kinds of wall mirrors on Pepperfry.

There's nothing better than a full-length mirror to gaze at yourself from head to toe. When you are assembling a look or draping a saree or just seeing what footwear matches your dress, full-length mirrors are essential and ideal. Among our collection, we have full-length mirrors that give you a complete reflection of yourself. At Pepperfry, you'd find many options of full-length mirrors in wooden frames, simple to traditional designs, and thick to frameless ones that will make a perfect match with your taste as well as home decor.

To take a closer look at yourself, handheld mirrors are perfect. These can help you zoom in to parts of your face when you are doing your makeup or your skincare rituals. Some mirrors can be placed on tabletops for added functionality. Both of these are smaller varieties of mirrors that you should have in addition to bigger mirrors for the best of both worlds! Just for you, we have some unique and aesthetic mirrors in traditional as well as modern designs to align with your taste!

Proper lighting is essential when you are using a mirror and so LED mirrors come equipped with lighting to give you ample lighting. These mirrors again come in many sizes and shapes and offer great functionality and convenience. They also have a bonus, they get you amazing mirror selfies!

Mirrors are great for adding texture to interiors and make excellent decor pieces and items of statement furnishing. You can style beautiful entryways, or living room interiors by adding abstract wall mirrors as standalone pieces or in sets and making ornamental decor in your home. Shop from a huge collection of decorative mirrors only from Pepperfry.

ou can look for several stylish and functional mirror options online for every type of space in your home. When shopping online, you can look for a wide array of options in terms of shape, size, design, and types of mirrors. You can check out the entire range of reputed brands available online to make the final selection of a mirror.

Along with various other home decor products, you can buy a wide variety of bathroom mirrors at Pepperfry at the most reasonable prices ever. Build cherished memories in your homes with the best and most stylish mirrors from Pepperfry.

With these mirrors distinctive frames and shapes, they can really enhance your décor. Larger full length wall mirrors, or smaller ones grouped together like mirror art, make a room look brighter and bigger.

They say the eyes are the mirror to your soul. But what about actual mirrors? What can they reveal? Well, they may not be able to say anything about your soul (although, that outfit is looking pretty dope). But they sure can provide an eye-opening interior design detail!

Space is always an issue when you have a big family, a small living space, or both. Still, you need to get ready for the day and you want to look your best. What do you do when the bathroom is occupied, the kids are playing in the hallway, and your better half is napping in the bedroom? Just grab a table mirror and you're good to go!

If you do have some room to play around with, a dressing table mirror might be a neat option. A mirror like that will fit nicely on top of your dressing table and will showcase a bit more of your wonderful self. Thus, making it easier to nail the outfit of the day.

So you are making home improvements, and you need to calculate the bathroom mirror size to get that look just right. Well, we have just what you need. Our bathroom mirror size calculator will help you choose the correct mirror to suit your needs.

The correctly sized bathroom mirror can improve the look of your entire bathroom, making it more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. However, getting it wrong can have the opposite effect. As such, when buying a bathroom mirror, you first need to know the correct size to suit your needs.

Of course, a few things may affect your ability to choose your vanity mirror size. If there is a light in the area where you plan to mount your mirror, you will need to ensure the light will be above the level of the mirror. Additionally, if there is a cupboard above your vanity, you may add the mirror to the doors, or if there are multiple doors with space between them, this area may be suitable.

Have you been wondering how to determine the mirror size for your bathroom? It is simple. A bathroom mirror should not be greater than the width of your vanity. In fact, 4 to 6 inches narrower than the width of your bathroom vanity is the ideal width for your mirror.

Additionally, choosing the correct height is extremely important, especially if you are very tall. This is because, for tall people, the wrong length of bathroom mirrors can affect their ability to see themselves correctly. For instance, when using a short mirror, a tall person may have his head cut off. As such, it is best to have a mirror 6 inches below your ceiling level and 6 to 10 inches above your vanity.

The options available are either circular, rectangular, or double. We know other options are available, and you can also choose from these. Use the shape that best relates to the more unusual styles. For instance, you may use the circular calculator if buying a hexagon-shaped mirror.

Add the height of the ceiling. This must be a value greater than the height of the vanity plus an additional eight inches because only then will there be enough space to fit a mirror.

Double vanities are quite lovely for bathrooms, and they require larger mirrors. However, even for this, four inches smaller than the width of the vanity is still the standard. Unlike single vanities, however, it is recommended that you stick with rectangular mirrors for your double vanity.

Is your bathroom vanity arrangement falling short of its potential? We've scoured our favorite online stores to find 51 bathroom mirrors to suit any decor style, something for every theme. Here you'll find rectangular mirrors in addition to trendy circular ones, with unusual shapes thrown in for the extra adventurous. Find finishes from minimalist black and white to striking metallics like gold and nickel, along with classic natural woods and so many more. Some even include storage space to simplify your morning routine. Explore this useful bathroom mirror compilation for exciting ideas that reflect your personal style. 041b061a72


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