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Memories Katsuhiro Otomo 720p Resolution

The PlayStation 3 port was announced in August 2006, with Vivendi revealing it would be one of the console's launch titles, scheduled for North American release on November 17. Like the Xbox 360 version, the PlayStation 3 port was developed by Day 1 Studios.[99][100] This port features the same Instant Action mode from the Xbox 360 version.[101] It also has its own exclusive additional weapon (a street sweeper shotgun) and bonus mission, which depicts the Delta Force recon team's journey through ATC headquarters prior to encountering Alma.[101] Like the Xbox version, the game's native resolution was 720p, but the other enhancements were removed for this version.[29] In early November, Sierra announced that the PlayStation 3 port had been pushed back to February 2007.[102] In February, they announced it had been pushed back to April.[103]

memories katsuhiro otomo 720p resolution

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