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Workplace Milf _HOT_

The law prohibits sexual harassment, but it remained widespread and underreported in the workplace due to victims' fear of losing their jobs. Women in the retail industry worked on three- to six-month contracts and were often reluctant to report sexual harassment for fear their contracts would not be renewed. Some labor unions protested age discrimination and punitive action against female employees who became pregnant (see section 7 a.).

workplace milf

By law, but not always in practice, women have most of the rights and protections accorded to men. Women are accorded the same rights as men in respect to the ownership, acquisition, management, administration, enjoyment, and disposition of property and assets. Although they faced workplace discrimination, women continued to occupy positions at all levels of the workforce. In an April labor force survey, 57 percent of government officials, corporate executives, managers, and supervisors were women. The survey also revealed that of the 3.1 million unemployed persons, 37.5 percent were women and 62.5 percent were men. 041b061a72


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